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Amish dinner rolls and cinnamon rolls
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Der Dutchman Bakery {bellville}

It’s true of almost every small town in America—there’s a special spot where locals flock for coffee and where travelers find both something new and something comfortingly familiar. In Bellville, that special spot is the bakery at the front of Der Dutchman Restaurant.

The Sweetest Spot in Bellville

Anticipating the morning rush, our bakers have been busy in the Der Dutchman kitchen—baking trays of cinnamon rolls, and cookies, and making hot-from-the-oven-apple, cherry and blueberry pies.

While the recipes used in our kitchen might trace back generations, the mouth-watering baked goods that fill the cases and shelves at Der Dutchman Bakery couldn’t be any fresher. Something just-baked and delicious is always coming out of the kitchen.

Amish-style Cookies, Pies and Breads

The scent of still-warm yeast breads—ranging from cinnamon raisin to savory rye, white, and whole-wheat—lingers, as fresh loaves and dinner rolls are stacked on the shelves. Nearly 20 different varieties of Der Dutchman’s legendary homemade pies are mixed from scratch and baked on the premises every day. Choices include crumb-topped Dutch apple, black raspberry, pecan, custard, and the uniquely Amish peanut butter cream.

Throughout the bakery shop, you’ll also find soft buttermilk cookies topped with caramel icing, tender chocolate whoopie pie with creamy vanilla filling and classic cinnamon rolls. Other shelves are stocked with jars of fruit preserves, homemade noodles, and jars of Der Dutchman brand Apple Butter and Amish Peanut Butter Spread that are perfect for taking the flavor of Amish Country home with you.

Stop by Soon

Stop by the Der Dutchman Bakery any time. You’ll be welcomed by sugary smells; beautiful baked goods; and lots of friendly, small-town charm—clues that you’ve found a the sweetest spot in Bellville at Der Dutchman Bakery.

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