Dutch Valley Bakery

1343 Old Route 39
Sugarcreek, Ohio 44681
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Photo - Strawberry pie and frosted cookies

Dutch Valley Bakery and Cafe {SUGARCREEK}

At the crack of dawn, when country farmers are just starting the day’s chores, the bakery shelves at the front of Dutch Valley Restaurant are already filling up with cinnamon rolls, blueberry muffins, and cream-filled coffeecakes. It’s such a feast for the eyes you might think that’s where the name “Sugarcreek” came from! Not according to the history books. But delicious baked goods are definitely part of the area’s heritage and the Dutch Valley Bakery tradition.

A Sweet Start to the Day

While the rest of Sugarcreek sleeps, the bakery kitchen inside our new Bakery and Cafe is brightly lit and busy. Several local women work through the night making yeast breads and homemade pastries typically enjoyed around the farmhouse table. Beautiful pecan rolls, loaves of just-baked cinnamon-raisin and white bread, golden whole-wheat rolls and still warm donuts might be among the fruits of their late-night labors stacked on the shelves when the doors open in the morning.

The biggest draw for the day’s first customers are the cinnamon rolls. In the wee hours, rack after rack is filled with huge pans of hot rolls right from the oven. Once cooled enough, the pillow-soft whirls of buttery, cinnamon-dusted sweet dough are topped with a flourish of creamy white or caramel frosting.

Always Oven-Fresh

As the day unfolds, there’s something delicious always coming out of the oven. During the early morning, Dutch Valley’s homemade pies are baked and set to cool on metal racks or to chill in the refrigerator. Despite the volume of pies they produce, the bakers use traditional methods—mixing the piecrust from scratch, fluting the edges with their fingertips, and cutting pretty patterns into the tops of double-crust fruit favorites. There are nearly 20 different kinds of pie—from crumb-topped Dutch apple to the uniquely Amish peanut butter cream. If you see one of the fresh fruit pies—spring rhubarb, June strawberry, or summer peach—be sure to take advantage of your good fortune. These special pies are available only for a brief time, when the fruits are in season.

Come mid-morning, the day shift turns its attention to baking cookies and cakes. They make crisp snickerdoodles flecked with cinnamon, country-style buttermilk cookies iced with a pretty swirl of frosting, and classic chocolate chip treats to tempt kids of all ages. They make moist, mouth-watering layer cakes, a German chocolate cake with rich coconut topping, and airy angel food cakes just like grandma used to make.

Stop by Soon

Our new showroom is stocked with jars of fruit preserves, homemade noodles and fudge, and dozens of other delicious things to eat. Try an espresso, latte or fruit smoothie at our newly-added coffee bar. You'll also find jars of Der Dutchman Apple Butter and Amish Peanut Butter Spread that are perfect for taking the flavor of Amish Country home with you.

Despite what the history books say, we believe Dutch Valley Bakery really does put the sugar in Sugarcreek! Stop by soon for a taste of how sweet country life can be.

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