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Photo of homemade bread and pumpkin pie

Der Dutchman Bakery {WALNUT CREEK}

Life in Amish Country is sweet in many ways. One of them is the chance to sample the sights, smells, and sugary pleasures of Der Dutchman Bakery. Inside this busy bakery, everything looks as good as it smells and everything tastes even better than it looks!

Photo of pastry from the bakery

Sweet Dreams

At night, Walnut Creek is just what you imagine a quiet, country village to be. By 9 P.M., the supper dishes are washed and put away, the chores are done, the livestock bedded down, and hard-working families who have been up since dawn are turning in for the night. But while the rest of the town is settling down and settling in, the kitchen at Der Dutchman Bakery is brightly lit and alive with activity.

Peek in the window and you might see the bakers measuring huge amounts of flour and sugar, wielding big wooden spoons, and stamping out circles of dough that will become doughnuts to sweeten someone’s breakfast.

Good-to-know quote about the apple harvest

The pie bakers arrive at 2:30 AM, setting right to work making dozens of delicious varieties of homemade pie—from Peanut Butter Cream to Pumpkin. If rhubarb’s in season, they’ll turn the tart stalks into a pie filling so fresh it’s like eating a slice of springtime. When local peaches ripen to a perfect blush, they will peel and pare bushels of fruit from Hillcrest Orchard and bake them into beautiful, sun-colored, summer pies.

The Bread Rises

Shortly before the bakery opens for the day, the Der Dutchman van pulls up to the door. Just as he has for the past 10 years, the driver brings the Amish women who come to the bakery every weekday and Saturday to bake breads, rolls, cookies, and cakes.

At the tables inside the kitchen, the women converse quietly in Pennsylvania Dutch as their hands deftly knead, stir, roll, and crimp just like country cooks have done for centuries. By the time the sun peeks over the hills and the first horse-drawn buggies trot through town, tempting aromas from their handiwork will be wafting through Walnut Creek.

Delights All Day

There’s something fresh coming out of our bakery kitchen all day long. In the morning, bright yellow trays lined with cinnamon rolls, apple fritters, and sticky buns might fill the cases. Next out could be braided cinnamon twists glazed with sugar or our special hand-shaped apple turnovers that some folks say remind them of the rising sun.

In the bakery shop, the shelves are always loaded with just-baked snickerdoodles and whoopie pies, homemade fruit preserves, dinner rolls, fresh fudge, and dozens of other delicious things to eat. You’ll also find jars of Der Dutchman Apple Butter and Amish Peanut Butter Spread that are perfect for taking a taste of Amish Country home with you.

Stop in any time. At Der Dutchman Bakery, life is always sweet!

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