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Several years ago, we began a wholesale delivery service that reaches local groceries, convenience stores, cafes, hotels, and caterers. Our items are baked fresh daily and carefully delivered to your doorstep. We deliver Monday through Saturday.

Der Dutchman offers a wide variety of wholesale baked goods to choose from – as a distributor, simply call, fax or email your order form to our office. Orders must be submitted by noon the day prior to delivery. Monday orders must be in our office by Saturday at 2 pm. Our top-selling items are currently cookies, sweetbreads, white or wheat bread, apple cinnamon bread and cinnamon rolls.

We deliver throughout Sarasota and the surrounding area. Delivery charges vary by location and minimums may apply. While our offerings may change from time to time, a sample order form is available to download. For questions or to become a partner, please contact our Sales Manager Lynnette Haskins at 941-356-6224.

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In the wee hours, our bakers are hard at work. While Sarasota sleeps, they’re busy glazing dozens of apple fritters, putting the finishing touches on our famous cream-filled Long Johns and dusting sugar over the biggest cinnamon twists you may have ever seen.

Proven Sellers 
With long track records as best-sellers, our donuts and pastries provide excellent opportunities for both retail sales in your shops or for catering.



Mixed from scratch, fluted by hand, and baked on the premises every day, Der Dutchman’s line-up of pies includes crumb-topped Dutch apple, blueberry, lemon meringue, chocolate cream, banana cream, and the uniquely Amish peanut butter cream. Ask us about our entire list!

Never frozen 
Our pies are never frozen and always delivered the same day they are made.

No-sugar Added Options 
We understand today’s concerns for health and diet, so we offer several varieties of pie for those on limited sugar diets.



Our crisp snickerdoodles flecked with cinnamon, country-style buttermilk cookies iced with a pretty swirl of frosting, and classic chocolate chip treats will tempt kids of all ages.

Packaged for your store 
Our Der Dutchman cookies are packaged with the seller in mind. Sell them individually, or in our containers for an appetizing and easy presentation.



Though we’re known for our traditional Amish-style breads and dinner rolls, you’ll find an assortment of breads – rye, cinnamon raisin, sourdough and apple cinnamon breads. Homemade sweet breads such as Banana and Zucchini breads are also available.

No preservatives 
Our yeast breads are never made with preservatives or fillers and the taste reflects that. Caterers and retail stores alike will appreciate the freshness that is our bakery’s signature.

Sweet Rolls 
Available in single rolls or pans, our cinnamon rolls are topped with a flourish of creamy white or caramel frosting. Try our pecan rolls for a decadent and addicting variation.



From mouth-watering chocolate cake to our delightful cream cheese-filled pumpkin rolls, Der Dutchman cakes are popular all across the Sarasota area. Also available are cupcakes, coffee cakes, whoopie pies and angel food cakes.



We offer 6oz packages of all our varieties of homemade fudge.