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About John Michael Talbot

It all began with a vision.

“God gave me a vision of itinerant ministry going from parish to parish in a time of great need in our culture. I believe that our current ministry is fulfilling that vision. The Catholic Church has nearly died in recent years, but God is raising us to a new life in Christ if we will but accept it. We are rebuilding the church one  parish at a time, and renewing hearts one life at a time!” 

The path to the Lord has guided John Michael throughout his life has uniquely prepared him for this time in the Church. After responding to the Lord’s call, God used John Michael to bless millions of lives through his unique and multi-faceted ministry.

Born into a Methodist family with a musical background in Oklahoma City in 1954, John Michael started learning to play the guitar as a young boy. By age 17 he dropped out of school and was performing as a guitarist for Mason Proffit, a country folk-rock band formed with his older brother Terry. 

After countless tours and the release of several well-received albums (on multiple labels including Warner Brothers), Mason Proffit disbanded and Talbot embarked on a spiritual journey which eventually led him to Fundamentalism and the Jesus Movement.

"I asked God what I was supposed to do," he explains, "and God said, 'Play your music and I will open and shut the doors'."  Staying true to that calling, Talbot started to use his musical talents to express his faith by joining the newly emerging Christian music scene. As a founding artist for Sparrow records, he delivered two albums, "John Michael Talbot" and "The New Earth" (both produced by Billy Ray Hearn).

His spiritual journey continued throughout his early days at Sparrow and after studying all Christian denominations found that Catholicism spoke to his heart. "It wasn't just some vague yearning," he recalls. "I saw a life in Christ in harmony and in peace".

Achievements and awards
After a successful career with Sparrow, John Michael founded his own label in 1992 called "Troubadour for the Lord". Today he is recognized as Catholic music's most popular artist; with over 4 million sales and compositions published in hymnals throughout the world. His newest album, “Worship and Bow Down” is the 53rd album in his 37 years in Christian music ministry.

His songs were the first by a Catholic artist to cross well-defined boundaries and gain acceptance by Protestant listeners. As he grew more popular, he became the recipient of several prestigious awards. He has won the Dove Award for Worship Album of the Year, "Light Eternal" with producer and longtime friend, Phil Perkins and he became one of only nine artists to receive the President's Merit Award from the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences. In 1988 he was named the No.1 Christian Artist by Billboard magazine.

John Michael also began to write books from his wealth of study and personal experience of integrated monastic life. A respected (and prolific) author, John Michael’s 24th book “Blessings of St. Benedict” was published September 2011. 

John Michael leads his very active ministry from both the Little Portion Hermitage in Arkansas and St. Clare's Monastery in Houston. He is the founder and Minister General of the Brothers and Sisters of Charity. Along with his many artistic achievements, his humanitarian efforts have been recognized with awards including special recognition from Mercy Corps and the Mother Teresa award. 

In 2014, John Michael Talbot launched a highly acclaimed inspirational TV show, "All Things Are Possible". 

Today, John Michael Talbot is an active motivational minister traveling throughout the world inspiring and renewing the faith of Christians of all denominations through sacred music inspired teaching and motivational speaking. Talbot shares, “the old John Michael has died and the new one has been born again!" 


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