Troy Krohmbholz - Live! | Friday, April 30 | Ticket Range $17.00 - $33.00

From Troy Krombholz 

"Storytelling" is an Art that has faded and lost its wonder in our society on so many levels. Everything is so fast and so busy. For years and years storytelling has been used verbally and musically, yet now, where can we find it? Real storytelling has a far greater value to us than what is being served to us at "blender tornado speeds" by the media of this generation. So it's time to be different again, and slow down the pace, simplify the stories, and relax a little bit without internet ads popping up in our faces. Can you dare to dream and imagine like a child for a little while? That's how I communicate through piano compositions and stories. It's time to imagine like a child once again. It's time to enjoy real life, whether it be whimsical or tearful, playful or somber, these stories have a redemptive purpose to be enjoyed. Hope to see you soon! - Troy Krombholz

Published with Capitol CMG, and Carob Music Nashville



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